Through our influencer marketing agency, we help tech companies get in touch with a global influencer network to advertise their products and raise their reputation in the tech space.

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Harness the power of social-influence and TikTok to explode your brand. Connecting with Gen Z through our social media influencer pooling (SMIP) agency is the ideal approach to growing your business.
We have networks with the Influencers with Trust, Authority and most importantly Influence.
We help you get more sales, increase brand awareness, get a high reputation in the tech space, and target your dream audience.


  1. DEFINING YOUR KPI's - The first crucial step. We define your KPI's to set clear goals for the influencer campaigns which also allows us to measure success.

  2. PICKING INFLUENCERS - Next is to hand pick the influencers from our roster based on your target audience, and objectives so that we can play snap to get the perfect fit.

  3. CONTENT APPROVAL - In close cooperation with the selected influencers, we ensure the content & campaign is implemented as planned.

  4. CAMPAIGN OPTIMISATION - Now we play the waiting game and see results come flooding in. We deliver detailed reports on the campaign and look closely to optimise the results.

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